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Behavioral Expertise

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Behavioral Assessment Technology

Our scientifically proven three assessment battery fits any mold: from professional sports, to manufacturing, to human resources, Profile’s assessment technology can be adopted by anyone. The best part? It can be taken in 20-minutes on any computer or mobile device. You can incorporate it into recruiting, team building, you name it. – Our technology understands you.

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Team/Staff Programming

Trying to make sure the people you’ve got are the right fit? Trying to get a better understanding of your workforce? – You’re in the right place. Profile is focused on making sure organizations are purposefully built for cohesion, effectiveness, and a constant strive toward excellence.

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Assisted Executive Search

Profile assists the high stakes search process by using our technology alongside executive search groups to uncover unseen behavioral information about potential candidates. We give you the tools and teach you how it works because we know it costs money to hire someone. We also know it costs even more to hire the wrong someone. — Take the ‘guess’ out of ‘guesswork.’

Additional: C-Level and Salaried Interviews, Candidate Overviews and Debriefs, Employee Overviews and Debriefs, Case Studies and KPI Research, Retained Executive Consulting, Retained Executive Coaching, Individual Behavioral Certifications and Customized Team Building Programs for All Administration and Staff.

Our Software

Our easy to use Cloud-based DISC system introduces pay-as-you-go DISC assessments that display clear results, built for managing your team. Deliver and take our assessments anywhere, at anytime, on any mobile device. Sign up for a free account, and never even talk to a salesperson.

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Dynamic Charts

The charts and graphs included with your report aren’t just there for show; they include the raw numbers and data to help you better understand your results.

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Search, Filter, Sort

Assessing a large group and worried about finding certain reports? Our system has an easy to use search, filter, and sorting system so no one gets lost in the process.

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Compare Your Team

Wondering about the personality composition of your team? Our system includes easy to use team comparison tools that paint an informative picture about how your group can best succeed.

Will McClay

He has the unique ability to predict behavior and develop effective strategies for any organization.

Dallas Cowboys Director of Player Personnel

Mike Wozniak

Chad has amazing intuition that is complimented by his data driven technology. When it comes to people, I’ve never seen him be wrong.

Wintrust Financial Senior Vice President

Roger Marshall

Chad Q. Brown does an incredible job of communicating how his system can help our organization recruit, train and retain top talent.

Rea Magnet Wire Plant Manager

Nate Kaczor

Chad Q. Brown possesses superior skill when dealing with people, intelligence and the uncanny ability to predict behavior.

Washington Redskins Special Teams Coordinator

Jim Larranaga

Chad’s system provided ways in which we could better teach and motivate everyone on our team. His technology is an incredible tool.

University of Miami Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Bill Hancock

Chad is a leader in both the sports and technology industries. He has great intuition and an excellent understanding of where things stand today and where they will stand again in 20 years.

College Football Playoff Executive Director

Matt Painter

Chad Brown does an incredible job of communicating and explaining how the Profile system can help in so many ways. He helps us decrease the guesswork when it comes to making decisions and evaluating our program's needs.

Purdue University Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Keena Turner

We lean on Chad to help us get the most out of our people on a daily basis.

San Francisco 49ers Vice President & Senior Advisor

NFL & NCAA Coaches Academy

Chad’s program had a profound effect on me and the behavior style component was dead on. I see myself and the members of our team in an entirely different light now


Joel Thomas

Chad utilizes his extensive experience with behavioral technology as it relates to any business or arena. In my profession, seldom do you encounter someone with such understanding.

New Orleans Saints Running Backs Coach

Bret Gilliland

Innovative use of behavioral technology has exploded in the past few years. No one is better versed in these cutting-edge applications than Chad Q. Brown.

Mountain West Conference Deputy Commissioner

Chad Q. Brown

CEO & Chief Strategist

Chad Q. Brown has been a leader in the corporate and athletic arenas for over twenty years. His efforts as a behavioral strategist and team building architect teach and enable his clients to make intelligent hiring decisions, coach, train and retain top talent, all while eliminating cancerous cultures on the fringe of failure.

The philosophy

People focused,
data driven

Chad believes behavioral assessment technology on your phone must lead the way in an organization's efforts to identify and develop behavior towards superior performance.

His state of the art assessment technology (DISC, Motivators and Core) are designed specifically for athletic departments and corporate organizations to truly enhance communication, hiring and team development.

Speaking & Seminars

“Get Better at People”

Attendees are given free behavioral and motivator assessments that can be taken on any mobile device prior to the event. Personalized reports are utilized during Chad’s speaking events, involving and impacting attendees on a personal level. Chad’s talks are fast-moving, informative, and entertaining. Attendees will experience innovative ideas and strategies that stem from Chad’s experience in both the sports and corporate arenas. His combination of fact, humor, and insight will supply audience members with substantial tools and skills for immediate application and better results.

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Our Need to Connect

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